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Reviewing & Learning Facts on a Homemade Chalkboard


Are you looking for a way to helpĀ  your kids review the basic facts of a subject? This is what we’ve done for over 10 years now. All you need is a homemade chalkboard (instructions are here) or a dry erase board. Obviously, I feel hands-on learning is always best, but there are some things …

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Weekly Wrap Up: Computer Problems, Math Problems, and Hay Rides

The view from the hay wagon.

Don’t forget — Next week, I’ll be having giveaways all weekend long on my blog for my Firesale. I’m really excited to have more than $140 worth of digital products by leading Homeschooling publishers for just $19.95 — plus the chance to win an gift card, and some other goodies. We’re hoping to raise …

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Weekly Wrap Up: Driving, Drawing, & Algebra

"Elephants" by Isobel, age 12

Welcome to the Weekly Wrap Up. You can join others at the Weekly Wrap Up at Virtuous Foundations and at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers. Our homeschooling week can be summed up in three words: driving, drawing, and algebra. We spent time with driving practice with the older two, algebra practice with my 9th grader, and time …

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Review: WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press

World War II Map with WonderMaps

As I’ve worked on formulating my review of WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press, I’ve found myself trying to say something a little more sophisticated than, “Whoa, it’s so cool! Ya gotta get this!” Frankly, though, that about sums up how I feel about WonderMaps. You know you have a great learning tool when you find …

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5 Tips for Teaching Multiple Grades Together

Homeschooling multiple grades together.

As we homeschool our children, we usually find ourselves with a modern-day one room schoolhouse under our roofs! Unless you are the lucky mom to multiples, you likely have children of all different ages and grade levels. After fourteen years of homeschooling, here’s five fantastic tips I’ve learned for homeschooling multiple grades together. Most of …

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